Monday, April 26, 2010



1. KNOW YOUR MAN. Know his likes, dislikes, tendacies, and goals.

2. DESIRE TO PLEASE HIM. Desire to make him happy, even at your own expense, real men reciprocate

3. MELD YOUR DREAMS. If he loves politics and you love politics work together not apart. Build a foundation rooted in friendship and cemented in trust

4. IGNORE THE SMALL STUFF. Would you sell a Benz because it got mud on it? So why lose a great man over a blemish. 20 years waiting on Mr. Right means losing a quarter of your life you can’t get back. The best generals know what battles to fight and when to take the high ground. Give him guy time, ignore the toilet seat, laugh at things that might irritate you, it will pay off when he looks at you as being the woman who loves him despite his faults. That’s the woman he marries, not the the woman who nags and makes him act perfect all the time

5. ***BE HIS EVERYTHING IN THE BEDROOM***What you won’t do, another woman will. Yes, it’s true you can find another man, but is it worth it. You are gonna do it at sometime, with some man, why lose this one over something that you will regret later. You may laugh as you read this, but I guarantee you there is a woman right now in America who wishes she could get her Ex man back and is walking around with Volleyball Kneepads in her purse, hoping she finds him. Hindsight is always 20/20

6. RECOGNIZE HIS PROMISE AND FOSTER IT. No two women represent this more than Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. BOTH women were ahead of their men in law school and married someone who was behind them, they advised their men and were partners. Although Bill strayed, he has damned near destroyed his legacy trying to help her win the nomination, and no one can doubt the love and gratitude Barack has for Michelle.

7. CREATE THE MEMORIES. All relationships have their bad moments. When those moments arise, you will need to look back on the memories to get you through them. The fewer memories you have, the less likely it is you will survive turmoil

8. BE SECURE AND DEAL WITH YOUR OWN PAST BAGGAGE. Nothing upsets a man more than being accused of something he could do, but he isn’t doing because he loves you. This is a sure fire way of pushing him down temptation alley.

9. DON’T GET COMFORTABLE. Once you got him, remember how you got him. How you got him is how you keep him. So if you started cooking and cleaning, either keep doing it or start off sharing the responsibilities. A lack of effort often denotes a lack of desire, and if you don’t desire to make him happy he will see it and act accordingly

10. ********DON’T DO ANY OF THIS FOR A JERK OR A SELFISH MAN******* Just because he is educated, good looking and charming, doesn’t mean he has the right to mistreat you. Although you should overlook small things and do whatever it takes to please a good man, you can’t make snowballs in hell and you can’t make a man love you. Infidelity, abuse, disrespect, and dishonesty are not to be tolerated. So if he is a jerk or a selfish man, move on…

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