Monday, April 26, 2010

A NATION OF COWARDS...What we are afraid to say in Public.

A Nation of Cowards

As I walk around and observe the landscape, I often ask myself are we in some respect a nation of cowards. I don’t mean a nation of people who are afraid of war or to fight physical wars, I mean a nation of people who are afraid of doing what’s right when the time calls for it. Have we ever had the “race discussion”? Have we ever addressed “homosexuality” and the stigma surrounding it? Why are we afraid to say men and women were created differently for different purposes? Why do we allow ourselves to become jaded and refuse to speak up or protect our fellow citizens even if there is potential backlash? Why are we afraid to speak up and tell parents to respect and raise their child? Has America turned into a country that would rather “mind its own business”, than to help those who need our help? I love my country, but I am fearful of the country we are becoming.

The destruction of any Monument usually begins at the Foundation. America was built on a Foundation of camaraderie, intervention when necessary, and responsible citizenship. This foundation allowed us to build a Monument of Freedom and Democracy for the world to see. Slowly, our apathetic mindsets have allowed laziness, fear, and cowardice to chip away at our Foundation. If we can’t stand up and fight against the legislation that will cripple us, corporations that will bankrupt us, Government that refuses to protect us, and people who care more about their bank accounts than doing what’s right, are we the same America we used to be?

Since when have we made excuses for not educating our children? Equal Access to Education and Equal Access to Health Care are the civil rights issues of the 21st century. These two issues determine your altitude and your longevity. If you find an elected official who refuses to champion either cause, no matter their color, vote them out of office. There is more at stake than racial similarities. Our children are the future of America. When a country becomes so fearful and so cowardly that they refuse to protect their children, they are doomed to fail. America was the home of innovation and we were once the World’s largest Super Power. We are living on borrowed time. When China owns our debt and India and other foreign countries are loaning us their intellectuals through work visas, we will soon learn the most valuable of lessons. That lesson is simple, “If you don’t take care of your home, no one else will”. I don’t care who makes what political contributions. IF YOU DON’T INVEST IN AMERICA IMMEDIATELY, WE WILL FAIL. There is no excuse on education and health care. We started the printing presses to add more money to the economy, but we refused to invest in our greatest resources, our children. Yet, there are no marches. No one is in the streets screaming about the children of the major cities and forgotten cities. Who cries for the low income student, which due to the greed of the banks will include more and more students every day? When will we stop being a Nation of Cowards? Are we really afraid to say Pump billions into education now and pump billions into health care now, or you will not get re-elected? The people have the power to call for special elections. Maybe it’s time we close our borders, stop importing intellectual and manual labor, and strengthen our schools and health care system, so that we may have smarter children who live longer and will be able to find work in America. IF AIG GETS ANOTHER DOLLAR BEFORE THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS OF MICHIGAN ARE BAILED OUT, there should be political blood in the street. That blood should spill from the death of the political careers of all those who would sell the American people out for profit.

I love America. This is the same country that was built on insurrection and resistance. Where are the brave hearts and minds that are willing to say what is needed to say despite the fact they may not get re-elected because big donors will not support their campaigns? Cowardice is defined as a “lack of courage or resolution”. Political cowardice runs rampant in Washington D.C., people are more afraid of upsetting their party, donors, and friends then they are of serving the people. Abraham Lincoln once said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” So I guess in the eyes of Lincoln we are cowards, because knowing what’s wrong and continuing on with your life after Election Day as if that was enough is not enough to create real change. Change is not a slogan; it is a mindset and a goal. We should secure our borders, create tax shelters that enable the manufacturing sector of America to return, fix Education and Health Care, and stop bowing to the leaders of other countries. We are Americans damnit…It’s time we act like it.

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